Chiang mai chiang rai 5 day 4 ...

Chiang mai chiang rai 5 day 4 nights

Day 1,        <Private Trip>


-7: 55 am.      Pick you up at Chiang Mai Airport and drive up-hills to Doi Suthep Mountain

-9: 00 am.      Explore around Mhong Hill Tribe village on the back side of Doi Suthep Temple. On Doi Suthep – Pui National Park

-10: 30 am.    Visit Doi Suthep temple the most important for Buddhism in Chiang Mai, make worship at the pagoda and then walk around and ring every bell around temple. A panoramic view of the city can be seen from here at 3,500 feet above sea level.

“ There is popular saying that those who go to Chiang Mai without visiting Doi Suthep Temple and try Khao Soi Noodle are no better than those who have never been to Chiang Mai at all “

-12: 00 pm.   Drive to town and take Thai – Western buffet lunch

-1: 00 pm.      Drive to the south of Chiang Mai and we’ll visit Roi An Phan Yang exhibition house with incredible creative handicrafts Unseen In Thailand

-3: 00 pm.      Go to Baan Tawai with 5 star OTOP products as kind of handicraft products

-4: 00 pm.      Visit Wieng Kum Kam old city and we’ll journey around by horse-cart to explore the old capital city of Chiang Mai, the local people will be your guide for horse-cart trip.

-5: 30 pm.      Check in at Amora Thapae Hotel or the same standard class with 3 star.

-7: 00 pm.      We’ll go to take Khuntoke dinner with Thai &Lanna tradition style at Khum Khuntoke, Khantoke dinner is a traditional of dinner which has been practiced for ***y generations for the Northern people to extended hospitality to important visitors; see Northern Folk Dances and various Hill tribes Shows which serves native northern food, such as fried chicken, chili sauce, pork curry (Gang Hang Le) and crispy noodles at Khum khantoke. After that, we’ll float the balloon as well.

(Vegetarian or halal food is on request)  

-9: 30 pm.      Transfer you back to hotel



Day 2, 

-Breakfast at hotel

-8: 00 – 8: 30 am.    

Pick up at hotel and drive to the north of Chiang Mai

-8: 30 am.      Stop at orchid and butterfly farm with ***y types of Thai orchids

-9: 30 am.      Enjoy elephant show at Mae Tang elephant camp and see how cleaver they are

-10: 00 am.    Riding on the elephant to the jungle for 1 hour

-11: 00 am.    Stop at Lisu tribe village and walk around for 10 – 20 mins.

-11: 30 am.    Take an ox-cart riding back to elephant camp for 45 mins.

-12: 30 am.    Enjoy your meal with buffet lunch

-1: 30 pm.      Take bamboo rafting along Mae Tang River for 1 hour

-2: 30 pm.      We’ll meet our guide and van at rafting camp landing

-3: 00 pm.      We’ll visit hill tribe village include 5 tribes as Karen long neck, Yao, Lahu, Akha and Palong.

-5: 30 pm.      Back to hotel and take a rest.


Day 3, 

-Breakfast at hotel / Check Out

-7: 30 pm.      Pick you up from hotel and then drive to the north of Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

-9: 30 am.      We’ll stop at Mae Kajarn hot spring

-10: 30 am.    Visit Rong Khun temple or White Temple created by Mr.  Chalermchai Kositpipat one of famous artist in Thailand. The main temple building or Ubosot is a distinctive white color and decorated with fragments of reflective glass and can be seen from afar. Painting and murals inside the temple are also very beautiful.

-12: 00 am.    Lunch break with Thai – Western buffet

-1: 00 pm.      We’ll go to golden triangle, meeting point of 3 countries as Thailand – Burma – Laos at *** point we’ll take long tail boat across to Laos’s land to visit market and shop around < Include Boat to Laos + Entrance fee >

-3: 00 pm.      Visit Mae Sai border to Burma, the most north spot of Thailand to shop cheap *** products at Mae Sai market area < Not include Burma fee if you across to Burma >

-5: 30 pm.      Check-in at 3 star hotel at Piyapron Place Hotel, Sila***ee resort or the same standard class with 3 star, at Mae Sai area.

-6: 30 pm.      Dinner with Thai set menu at *** name restaurant Of Mae Sai. At Anatapura Restaurant

-8: 00 pm.      Back to hotel



Day 4, 

-Breakfast at hotel

-8: 00 am.      Visit Doi Tung winter palace and walk around Mae Fah Laung flower garden wi*** ***y plants in winter area and then enter to Princess Mother Commemorative Hall and learn interest history

-12: 00 pm.   Lunch with Thai set menu dinner at the Royal Project Restaurant.

-1: 00 pm.      Drive to Doi Mae Salong where the best place to grow tea in northern Thailand, try ***y kinds of teas, visit tea factory and visit Tuan Si Wurn cemetery who leading Chinese people to stay here for long time. We’ll visit market and try ***y worth teas of Mae Salong village.

-3: 00 pm.      Drive for 3 hours to Chiang Mai

-6: 00 pm.      Check in at Check in at Amora Thapae Hotel or the same standard class with 3 star.

-7: 00 pm.      Visit Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and shop around, and you can find your own dinner with variety food to choose. Tour guide will recommend you.

-9: 00 pm.      Transfer you back to hotel.



Day 5, 

-Breakfast at hotel / Check Out

-8: 00 – 8: 30 am.    

                        Pick you up from hotel and drive to the south of Chiang Mai to visit Doi Inthanon national park, highest peak in Thailand.

-10: 00 am.    Stop at highest spot of Thailand with King Inthawichayanon pagoda

-10: 30 am.    Walk around Angkha nature trail to see Rhododendrons or thousand year roses and the biggest moss in Thailand

-11: 30 am.    Visit King and Queen Pagoda situate on top of another mountains

-12: 30 am.    Lunch break with Thai set menu at the Royal Project restaurant

-1: 30 pm.      After finish lunch we’ll walk around at Mhonk tribe local market and try fresh fruits from royal project

-2: 00 pm.      Explore King’s royal project that hill tribe people organized all project instead of growing opium

-3: 00 pm.      Relax at Wachiratarn waterfall the biggest in northern Thailand

-7: 00 pm.      Transfer you guys to Chiang Mai Airport.


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