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Northern thailand tour Package
bulletAmazing Pai-Maehongson 3 D 2 N
bulletSuperb Tour Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Package 4 D 3 N.
bulletHello ,Chiang Mai 4 Days 3 Nights
bulletWonders tour Chiangmai-lamphoon-lampang 3 D2 N
Popular Tour Package Northern of Thailand
bulletChiang mai Happy Tour 3 Days 2 Nights
bulletAwesome Tour 3 days 2 nights Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai
bulletDreaming Tour Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai 3 days 2 nights
Family-Honey moon/ Northern Thailand Tour Package
bulletExplore tour in Chiangmai-Chiangrai 4 days 3 nights
bulletMerit & Cultural Tour 3 D.2 N. Chiang Mai – Lamphun – Lampang
bulletChiang Mai Fantastic tour 3 D 2 N
bulletTeam Building & MICE
We can make it to Executive - VIP Tours
1 Day Luxury-Platinum ( Chiang mai-Chiang rai )Tours,Specialist
bullet1 Day Chiang Mai Living Room ( Chiang mai )
bullet1 Day Chiang Mai Lobby ( Chiang mai )
bullet1 Day Top Of The World Tour ( Chiang mai )
bullet1 Day North Pole Tour ( Chiang rai )
bullet1 Day Top of Mountains tour (Chiang Mai-Chiang rai)
bullet1 Day Natural Park Tour ( Chiang mai )
bullet1 Day Elephant –Golden Longneck Tour ( Chiang mai )
bullet1 Day Chiang Mai Safari Tour ( Chiang mai )
bullet1 Day Incredible Tour ( Chiang mai )
bullet1 Day Trekking Awesome Tour ( Chiang mai )
bullet1 Day Root of Lanna Tour ( Chiang mai –Lampang-Lamphun)
bullet1 Day I Love Chiang Mai Tour
1 Day Tours Standard (Chiang Mai /Chiang Rai )
bullet1 Day Doi Inthanon tour chiang mai
bullet1 Day Chiang rai Tour
bullet1 Day Safari Chiang Mai Tour
bullet1 Day Long Neck,Hill Tribe Variety & Silver Cave chiang mai
bullet1 Day Trekking Chiang Mai
bullet1 Day Chiang Mai City Tour
bullet1 Day home industry Chiang mai Shopping tour
Trekking Chiang mai Specialist
bulletDesign Your Own Trip In Thailand
bullet Amazing Thailand Package 10 Days
bulletThailand Treasure Tour 15 Days
bulletSightseeing Bangkok –Pattaya 5 Days 4 Nights
bulletExplore Highlight tour Koh Samui 3 days 2 nights
bulletThailand Explorer 13 Days 12 Nights

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Amazing Pai-Maehongson 3 D 2 N article

Complimentary Policy

1 Complimentary Ticket for every 14 Paying Guests.


 waterfall ( Muakfah ) ,chiang mai,thailand Hot Spring ( Gayser ) ,chiang mai,thailand  Wat Nam Hoo in pai town,maehongson 

Amazing Mae Hong Son 3 days 2 nights

Chiang Mai – Pai – Mae Hong Son



Day 1

-         8: 00 am. Pick you up from Chiang Mai airport, hotel or meeting place

-         9: 30 pm. Break the journey at orchid farm and butterfly farm around 30 Mins.

-         10: 30 am.  We will go to see the beautiful waterfall ( Muakfah )

-         11: 30 am. We will go Hot Spring ( Gayser )

-         12: 00 am. Take Thai set menu lunch

-         1: 00 pm. Drive for 3 hours to Pai city and we’ll visit Wat Nam Hoo we can see water draining out from the head of Buddha image

-         3: 30 pm. Check-in at 3 star hotel

-         6: 30 pm. Have a dinner at the restaurant

-         7: 30 pm. Walk around Pai night market

-         9: 00 pm. Back to hotel

 pai city,maehongson,thailand maehongson view ,thailand  Lod Cave maehongson,thailand

Day 2

-         Breakfast at the hotel/check out

-          8: 00 am. We will go to Lod Cave where the river runs through the cave to the other side of the mountain. This place will be the place that we will enjoy bamboo rafting through the cave along which beautiful stalactites and stalagmites can be found. Discover utensils and coffins

-         10: 00 am. We will go to Phu klon country club where the nature black mud pond for healthy skin care that has become a famous destination, Phu klon is now the popular place for health treatment and therapeutic, hence has been promoted as one of  UNSEEN IN THAILAND 

-         11: 30 am. We going to Baan rak thai, is famous for Yunan dishes and excellent tea tasting, such as Sing Sing and Oolong tea grown in this village, while at baan rak thai visitors can enjoy wonderful scenery of cool weather flowers. Then we get back to the hotel and have a dinner.

-         12: 00 am. We’ll take lunch with Yunan set menu

-         1: 00 pm. Drive to Mae Hong Son town

-         3: 00 pm. Visit Chong Kam and Chong Klang temple.

-         4: 00 pm. Check-in at 3 star hotel and relax yourself

-         6: 30 pm. Take dinner at good name restaurant and try famous dish of Mae Hong Son menu

-         7: 30 pm. Back to hotel

 fish cave maehongson  Phu klon country club,maehongson  Phu klon country club,maehongson,thailand

 Baan rak thai ,maehongson  Baan rak thai ,maehongson  keren doll ,maehongson,thailand

Day 3


-         Breakfast at the hotel and check – out

-         8: 00 am. We will visit Wat Pha That Doi Kong Mu, the most important place of worship and provincial landmark, and you can see a panoramic view of Mae Hong Son can be enjoyed from this site.

-         9: 30 am. Heading to see a Kaewkomol cave or crystal cave

-         12: 00 am. Thai set menu lunch

-         1: 00 pm. We continue the trip to Oob Luang National Park; this place is very famous about ancient painting pictures.

-         2: 30 pm. We will head back to Chiang Mai city and transfer you to Chiang Mai airport or hotel

    wat phat that doi kong mu ,maehongson  Kaewkomol cave ,maehongson  Oob Luang National Park,chiang mai  


Every tour packages with private trip can refund for 20 % for tour package’s profit.

In case you and the party were dissatisfaction during the trip.





Children Policy :

-No charge for child under 3 years old .

-75 % for child Age between 4 -10 years old .

-Full Price  for child age over 11 years old .


Trip includes :

-         3 star hotel with breakfast for 2 nights

 Pai Resort /Guest House :

 Such As  : Hut Ing Pai Resort ,The Quarter ,Shiwadoi Resort ,Muang Pai Resort or The same standard

Maehongson Hotel :

Such As  :Maehongson Mountain Inn, Golden Pai  Resort ,Fern Resort ,or The same standard

-     English speaking guide

-         3 lunches + 2 dinners with Local Fruits

(Please mention kind of food as : Normal food or Vegetarian )

-     All entrance fees in the program

      -     Drinking water + Refreshments + Refreshing Towel

      -     A/C   New Van Toyota Commuter D4D  + gasoline with experienced driver

      -         Insurance for accident medical Expense during the trip

     ( 500,000 Baht /Person )

 เช่ารถตู้ พร้อมคนขับ New Van (Toyota Commuter D4D) & Driver /hire rental chiang mai  

Remark :

Surcharge in the Major Festival Period as following  hotel policy

“The Rates on the Currency of Thai Baht “


- Loi Krathong Festival in November 24 ,

-Christmas Day between 24-25 November 

- New Year Festival  between 29 December  -1 January 

- Songkran festival 11-15 April 


These Tour Program could be run as the Following 2 Pax up .


All Tour Package can be Tailored to

standard –Executive or Luxury Travelers .






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Northern Thailand tour Packages


Amazing Pai-Maehongson 3 D 2 N


 Superb Tour Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Package 4 D 3 N.


Hello ,Chiang Mai 4 Days 3 Nights


Wonders tour Chiangmai-lamphoon-lampang 3 D2 N




Popular Tour Packages Northern of Thailand


Chiang mai Happy Tour 3 Days 2 Nights


Awesome Tour 3 days 2 nights Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai


Dreaming Tour Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai 3 days 2 nights




Family -Honey moon/ Tour Packages


Explore tour in Chiangmai-Chiangrai 4 days 3 nights


Merit & Cultural Tour 3 D.2 N. Chiang Mai – Lamphun – Lampang


Chiang Mai Fantastic tour 3 D 2 N




Team Building & M.I.C.E





Executive - VIP Tour

Executive - VIP Tour ( Upon Request )




Trekking Chiang mai Specialists


1 Day Trekking Chiang Mai









 1 Day tours Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai


1 Day Doi Inthanon tour chiang mai


1 Day Chiang rai Tour


1 Day Safari Chiang Mai Tour


1 Day Hill Tribe Variety & Silver Cave chiang mai


1 Day Trekking Chiang Mai


1 Day Chiang Mai City Tour


1 Day home industry Chiang mai Shopping tour



Northern Attractions Information


Chiang mai Information


Chiangrai Information


Maehongson Information


Lumphun Information


Lampang information




Hotel list in Chiang Mai


โรงแรมรอยัลปริ๊นเซส ( Royal  princess  hotel )Chiang mai

โรงแรมรอยัลลานนา (  Royal lanna  ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมดวงตะวัน ( Duangtawan hotel ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมสุริวงศ์ (  Suriwongse Hotel  ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมเชียงใหม่พลาซ่า ( Chiang mai Plaza Hotel ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมราชมรรคลา (  Rachamankha Hotel   ) Chiang mai

โรงแรม อิมพีเรียลแม่ปิง เชียงใหม่ (Imperial Mae Ping Hotel  ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมริดเจด  อโมรา (  Rydges Amora Hotel  ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมเชียงใหม่ เกท เชียงใหม่ (  Chiang Mai Gate Hotel   ) Chiang mai

สวนบัวรีสอร์ท เชียงใหม่ ( Suan Bua Resort  And Hotel ) Chiang mai

โรงแรม สตาร์ เชียงใหม่ ( Star hotel chiang mai  ) Chiang mai

โรงแรม ทามารีน วิลเลจ เชียงใหม่ (  Tamarind Village   ) Chiang mai

โรงแรม กรินร์ทิพย์ วิลเลจ เชียงใหม่ ( Karinthip Village )  Chiang mai

โรงแรมดิเอ็มเพรส( The Empress Hotel ) Chiang mai

โรงแรม ฟิลิกซ์  ซิตี้(Felix City Hotel   ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมดาวทาวน์ อินน์ ( Downtown Inn ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมเดอะพาร์ค ( The Park Hotel ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมพรพิงค์ ( Pornping Tower ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมท็อปนอร์ท ( Top North Hotel ) Chiang mai

บ้านพักสุวรรณภูมิ ( Suwannaphum  Resort House ) Chiang mai

ท่าตอนริเวอร์วิวรีสอร์ท ( Thaton River View Resort ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมเชียงใหม่การ์เด้นรีสอร์ท( Chiang Mai Garden Hotel and Resort ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมแกรนใบเตย( Grand Baiteuy Place ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมเชอราตัน( Sheraton Hotel ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมดีทู( D2 Hotel ) Chiang mai

ต่อทองรีสอร์ท( Torthong Resort ) Chiang mai

อยาตนะแฮมเล็ทแอนด์สปา ( Ayatana Hamlet And Spa ) Chiang mai

โบตานิครีสอร์ท( Batonic Resort ) Chiang mai

อ่างขางเนเจอร์รีสอร์ท ( Angkhang Nature Resort ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมเรือนระมิงค์( Raming Lodge Hotel  ) Chiang mai

โรงแรมอมารีรินคำ( Amari Rincome Hotel ) Chiang mai

เบลล์ วิลล่ารีสอร์ท( Belle Villa Resort ) Chiang mai

มาริสารีสอร์ทแอนด์สปา( Marisa Resort and Spa ) Chiang mai

กฤษดาดอยรีสอร์ท( Krisdadoi Resort ) Chiang mai

                               Hotel  List In Pai-Mae Hong Son


โรงแรมอิมพีเรียลธาราแม่ฮ่องสอน( The Imperial Tara Mae Hong Son )

แม่ฮ่องสอนรีสอร์ท( Mae Hong Son Resort )

ริมปายคอทเทจ( Rim Pai Cottage )Pai

ริเวอร์เฮ้ารีสอร์ท( River House Resort )Mae Sa Rieng

รุ๊กฮอลิเดย์รีสอร์ท( Rooks Holiday Hotel And Resort ) Mae Hong Son

โกลเด้นปายรีสอร์ท( Hotel Golden Pai And Suite resort )

เฟิร์นริมธารรีสอร์ท( Fern Resort ) Mae Hong Son

แม่ฮ่องสอนเมาน์เทนอินน์รีสอร์ท( Mae Hong Son Moutain Inn Resort )

เบลล์วิวล่าปาย( Belle Villa Pai )

ฮัทอิงปายรีสอร์ท( Hut Ing Pai Resort )









Family Tour Package

Wonderful Tour Package Chiang Mai –Chiang Rai 5 Days 4 Nights
Fantastic Tour Chiang mai Package 3 Days 2 Night
Explore tour in Chiangmai-Chiangrai 4 days 3 nights article
Merit & Cultural Tour 3 days 2 nights Chiang Mai – Lamphun – Lampang article
Awesome Tour 3 days 2 nights Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai article
Hello ,Chiang Mai 4 Days 3 Nights Package tour article
Dreaming Tour Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai 3 days 2 nights article
Chiang mai Happy Tour 3 Days 2 Nights article

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